Frank Guzman

For California State
Assembly, District 52

"In an ever changing state, we must hear the concerns of the community and address them. As your Assemblyman,I will do just that. I will listen, learn, and act."


  • Vice President/Governing Board Member, Pomona Unified School District
  • Founder and CEO, Latino Educational Association of Pomona
  • Member, National Association of Latino Elected Officials
  • Member, Pomona Valley Democratic Club
  • Fundraising Director/Member, Pomona Host Lions Club
  • Board Member, Pomona Valley YMCA
  • Board Member, San Antonio ROP
  • Member, City of Pomona Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Pomona Youth and Master Plan Sub-Committee, Promoting Academic Achievement


  • Member, Pomona Unified School District Copy Task Force
  • Member, Garey High School Curriculum Task Force
  • Member, Pomona Unified School District Bilingual Advisory Committee, Lorbeer Middle School
  • President, Lorbeer Middle School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization
  • President/Treasurer, Golden Springs Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization
  • Chairperson, School Site Council, Golden Springs Elementary School
  • District Representative, State Preschool/Headstart, PUSD
  • Participant, Project Caring is Sharing
  • Tutor, Pomona Library Adult Literacy Project



My name is Frank Guzman and I want to be your California State Assemblymember of District 52. I have lived in Pomona, California for all of my life and I am dedicated to serving this community to the fullest of my capacity.

As a proud governing board member of the Pomona Unified School District, I have seen many great things. As a young parent of two children, I saw many issues with our public education system. Rather than complain, I decided to get involved and be part of the solution as an active PUSD parent serving on various committees and leading numerous parent organizations. Since my initial election seven years ago, our district has seen tremendous improvements. Daily attendance and high school graduation rates have risen dramatically, and our institutions’ infrastructures are steadily improving. Through my experiences, I have learned how to engage the community as a student, parent, community leader, business man, and Board Member. I am dedicated to representing the best interests of my community.

As your Assemblymember, I will work to promote the best possible public education for our children. I will promote the physical and emotional safety of all residents of California as we work to fight homelessness, violence, and deportations, as well as build upon our infrastructure to improve our growing economy. I will also engage with issues relating to environmental sustainability, ensuring that our children will have a prosperous world to look forward to grow up in and to raise their own children in. We must be ready to tackle new ideals and have the boldness and courage to try new things.

Being visible and accessible to my constituents will be the key to success. I will visit my district regularly and will directly engage the community I serve. By doing so, the community will help shape my service, as I will directly address their concerns. As your Assemblymember, I will do just that. I will listen, learn, and act.

-Frank Guzman


More educational and after school programs for youth


Addressing and working with cities to help with the homeless issues

Public Safety

Getting more police on our streets(Public Safety)

Air Quality

Working on our air quality (Air Quality)

Business Development

Infusing our economic growth.(Business Development)

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